Latest News: Re-branding suggested for libraries in England

A new study of libraries in England has found that they must change in order to survive.

The Independent Library Report for England outlines the need to shake off an outdated image.

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Latest News: Oxford is the top university for research, reveals study

The results of an assessment of the research output of England’s universities is about to be released.

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) has graded the quality of research carried out in 154 institution.

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Lecturers and students in Paris have demonstrated against poor facilities at their universities.

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The English Government is to allocate £3.5 million to the provision of “character education”, it says.

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The number of exam results changed after schools queried the marks has risen.

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The French government is to establish a new world-class super-university just outside Paris.

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The number of teachers in Scotland is at its lowest for a decade, according to new figures.

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Cambodia’s Ministry of Education is to focus on raising the quality of its teachers in 2015.

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Jamaica’s recently-implemented Tablets in Schools pilot project is experiencing some initial problems.

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South African universities should remain unique, says a respected vice-chancellor.

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Bright students are going backwards in their first year at secondary school, finds a new report.

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Thousands of teachers in the northeast of China have been demonstrating over low pay.

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