Kenyan schools closed after terror attacks reopen

Three schools in Kenya that have been closed for the past three years due to Al-Shabaab terror attacks have reopened.

The Basuba, Milimani, Mangai, Mararani and Kiangwe primary schools closed in June 2014 and the teachers fled from the area, leaving more than 400 pupils without education. Read more ›

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Proposed language testing for three-year-olds in Denmark

Local authorities in Denmark want to introduce language tests for three-year-olds.

Research shows that pupils can be up to two years behind their age group in terms of social and linguistic development when they start school, which puts them at a disadvantage. Read more ›

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First school exam pass rate rise in South Africa since 2013

The South African Education Minster has announced an increase in the national school pass rate – the first rise for three years.

Making the announcement on 11th January, Angie Motshekga also said that the number of students taking the examinations was the highest yet at 828,000. The system had faced criticism when the examination pass rate declined in 2014 and 2015 after a curriculum reform. Read more ›

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Divisive education reforms are now law in Poland

Controversial reforms to Poland’s education system have been signed into law by the President.

On 9th January, President Andrzej Duda signed the national education reform bill despite the content having caused mass demonstrations in November 2016 in Warsaw where thousands of people Read more ›

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Upcoming curriculum reform in Turkey

The Turkish Education Ministry is preparing to reform the country’s education curriculum across all levels.

It’s a large project and more than 50 different curricula will be taken into account. The aim is to simplify the current content, whilst encouraging the students to develop creative and analytical skills. Read more ›

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No second degrees for Danish graduates and students

The Danish government has introduced a law that prevents students from studying for a second university degree.

This means that those who already have one degree will not be able to study for a degree in a different subject. More crucially, however, those who have embarked upon a course and find it was the wrong choice will not be able to transfer to another subject. Read more ›

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Education inequalities grow in developed nations, reveal OECD figures

The recent OECD rankings have revealed an opening in the education class divide in so-called developed countries.

Some of the largest inequalities gaps occur in the US education system, reports The Independent, where the most disadvantaged children in society are a year behind in developmental terms before they start school. Read more ›

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Tunisian universities urged to reform their courses

Tunisian universities need to reform their courses if their graduates are to be of use to the workforce in the future.

President of the National Federation of Information and Communication Technologies, Kaies Sellami, warned that if reforms don’t take place, then by 2020, only a fraction of the total graduates will be sufficiently skilled to gain employment. Read more ›

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Children in the Netherlands are mostly happy, but want more interaction

A survey carried out by the Children’s Ombudsman in the Netherlands has revealed that children feel under pressure at school.

Two thousand young people under 18 were asked for their responses to questions about how they feel about growing up and going to school. Read more ›

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Rural schools in England could be in line for more funding

Rural schools in England are to be thrown a lifeline in terms of funding due to new Government proposals.

The current funding system is said to be heavily weighted towards solving the challenges of schools in London – while rural schools have been virtually ignored. Read more ›

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