Australian student placings fall in global education survey

exam-result-failAustralian education officials are urgently examining the country’s education system after the release of the latest international education survey results.

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is carried out every four years in more than 60 countries and tests students at Year 4 and Year 8 of their schooling. Read more ›

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Greece struggling to provide quality education, finds a new study

books5Students in Greece are performing under the EU average due to the poor provision of education in the country, reveals a new report.

The European Commission’s “Education and Training Monitor 2016” report found that the Greek government invested 4.4% of GDP into its education system during 2014, whereas the average investment of other European countries was 4.9%. Read more ›

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Looming teacher shortage in Norway, predicts OECD report

school-children-teacher-17The new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report analysing education across its 34 member nations has revealed that Norway is in the top three countries that invest significantly in their education systems.

In the recently released ‘Education at a Glance 2016’ report, the statistics show that Norway invests $15,500 in each Read more ›

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Getting started with… 3D printing

the-mechanism-of-418198_640Is your school thinking about introducing a 3D printer?

As 3D printing technology becomes more readily available at lower prices, it’s becoming more accessible to the education sector.

Here’s a quick rundown of useful info Read more ›

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More universities in Tanzania could be shut down

graduate 20Some universities in Tanzania could face closure after an inspection revealed that many are not up to scratch.

The Minister of Education, Joyce Ndalichako, said that a report into the quality of the country’s higher education institutions found that some, “don’t have the requisite qualities to provide university education.” Read more ›

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New teachers’ charter fosters tolerance in the UAE

handshake3The UAE’s Ministry of Education has unveiled a new Teachers’ Charter of Tolerance for schools and universities.

The charter emphasises the importance of tolerance and equality across the different sectors of education and will be signed by school and university educators. It comes as
the country sets itself on a road to promote peaceful Read more ›

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Can technology play its part in supporting stressed students?

stressStressed students are not unique to any country; it’s a global occurrence.

There are many reasons why they can feel trapped and isolated, e.g. study pressures, cyberbullying, financial worries, abuse, mental health issues – the list goes on and on. Read more ›

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Teachers and parents say no to elimination of middle schools in Poland

schoolOn November 19th, thousands of teachers and parents held a demonstration in Warsaw, to protest against the government’s plan to get rid of Poland’s middle schools.

From 2017, the Education Ministry wants to phase out the schools that serve students for three years between Read more ›

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Secondary education improvement project to go ahead in Vietnam

IT equipmentThe Vietnamese prime minister has given the go-ahead for the second phase of improvements to secondary education across the country.

The project will begin next year and run until 2023 at a total cost of US$107 million. The objective is to reform the provision and standards of education in all secondary schools in addition to updating vocational education. Read more ›

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Netherlands project to tackle inequality in education up to 2020

coins in handsThe Netherlands is set to establish an €87m programme to reduce inequality in education over the next three years.

Education minister, Jet Bussemaker, wants to combat the currently “unacceptable” level of inequality in secondary schools across the country by ensuring all students have the same opportunities, regardless of their backgrounds. Read more ›

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