Grant for low achievers in Wales lacks monitoring

The use of a grant designed to help low achieving children in Wales has not been monitored properly, says the Welsh Assembly’s education committee.

The Education Improvement Grant provides extra support for Gypsy, Roma and minority ethnic children so they can raise their achievement in class. Read more ›

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Guinea teachers’ strike over pay turns violent

A teacher’s strike over salary cuts in Guinea led to the deaths of five people, says the government.

Protests in the capital, Conakry, came about after the government announced cuts to the salaries of junior teachers as well as a programme of dismissals. Teaching unions have already been on strike for weeks over low pay. Read more ›

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Changes to structure of assessments announced in Jamaica

The Jamaican Ministry of Education is set to restructure its secondary and higher education assessments.

The Ministry wants to make sure that all students will gain an occupational degree by the age of 30, so it is promoting the development of higher-order thinking skills through its newly-introduced National Standards Curriculum (NSC), which will roll out across all schools later this year. Read more ›

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Denmark revises “no second degree” ruling

The Danish government has back-tracked on a recent decision to forbid people from studying for second degrees in order to save state funds.

Søren Pind, the higher education minister, says that students will now be allowed to study for a second qualification – but it must be at least six years after they gained the first degree. Read more ›

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Zimbabwe’s teachers protest new curriculum

Zimbabwe’s education minister has introduced a new primary and secondary curriculum without consultation with educators.

Lazarus Dokora launched the controversial new curriculum in January 2017 and teachers have been expected to adhere to it, despite having had no preparation time. Read more ›

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Turkey continues to provide free education to Syrian students

The Turkish Education Minister has said that 483,000 Syrian school pupils are being educated in the country’s schools.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Ismet Yilmaz said that this was over half of the total number of Syrian refugee pupils (850,000) currently living in Turkey. Read more ›

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Low cost of university education in VietNam not all positive

Universities in VietNam are increasing their revenues by taking in as many students as possible by lowering admission standards.

As a result, the methods of instruction suffer, with high ratios of students to lecturers. Subjects are not specifically tailored to students according to ability or to the Read more ›

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No more unisex classrooms in Sweden

The Swedish government is to ban schools from using any form of gender segregation.

The country’s education minister, Gustav Fridolin, said that the new rule will apply across every area of the curriculum. He said, “If you feel that having girls and boys in the same class causes problems then the problems themselves must Read more ›

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UK software vendor announces updates to all-in-one solution for schools

UK-based software developer NetSupport has announced a range of updates for its complete solution for schools, NetSupport DNA.

The software has a three-fold approach for the education sector: it helps manage the school’s IT assets; includes a large choice of tools for classroom instruction; Read more ›

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Dutch schools will reassess students’ abilities

Secondary schools in the Netherlands will assess their students’ abilities at the end of the second year (age 14) to see whether they should change to a different type of school.

The move is being introduced to help iron out educational inequalities and will particularly help those students who are late developers or who are unsupported at home. Read more ›

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