Latest News: Wales to embark on significant education reform programme

Wales' education department will make all of the changes recommended by a recent report.

The Successful Futures reportlooked into the current curriculum and assessment framework.

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Latest News: Botswana’s plan for knowledge-based society through education

The Ministry of Education in Botswana has launched a five-year strategic plan for improvement.

The Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan aims to move Botswana towards a knowledge-based society.

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More than 34 million young people in conflict zones are not receiving any education, finds a UNESCO report.

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Polish education officials have issued a generation gap warning to the higher education sector.

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UK employers have to recruit migrants for key roles due to British candidates’ weak maths skills.

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Ofsted is to shed over a thousand school inspectors after an assessment of their skills.

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Schools must look at wearable technology as a way of motivating pupils in PE lessons, says a charity.

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English secondary schools failing to meet the new benchmark for GCSE passes will be classed as “coasting”.

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The Chinese president has said that he would welcome more US students to study in the country.

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Barbados may be considering a reversal of its current ban on mobile phones in schools.

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On 16th June, Finnish educators demonstrated against proposed cuts to the country’s education budget.

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Students are using new technologies to help them cheat in their exams, finds a study by The Student Room.

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