Tuition fee increases to spell the end of studies for some Vietnamese students

money1Students in Vietnam are having to re-think their decision to study at university due to the imminent rise in tuition fees.

Those studying at the country’s universities purchase credits to study as they go along and, on average, a student registers 50 credits per year. A predicted year-on-year rise in fees could see students paying Read more ›

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Online university offers Syrian refugees a chance to study

books 400A non-profit online university is offering 500 Syrian refugees the chance to get free places on its degree courses.

California-based organisation, The University of the People, was set up to provide degree courses for those with the aptitude and ability necessary to study, but who are not able to pay, reports BBC News. Read more ›

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Global challenge to provide education stagnates

globe 400New figures released in the Global Education Monitoring Report make for sobering reading.

Despite the objectives set by the Sustainable Development Goals, some two hundred and sixty-three million children and young people across the world are not receiving any form of education. Read more ›

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Jamaica trains teachers on details of new curriculum

books and PCAs part of its new National Standards Curriculum, the Jamaican Ministry of Education is set to begin training 12,000 new teachers about the new criteria.

The new curriculum is the final part of the country’s Education System Transformation Programme and will apply for pupils between grades 7 and 9. Read more ›

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China takes action to stop fake universities operating

graduate 23China is cracking down on fraudulent higher education providers, with more than 30 being identified.

Spread across the country, the fake universities are run by criminals who mislead students into sending their tuition fees to them. They are so convincing that there have been reports of students studying entire degree programmes – and then, at graduation, Read more ›

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Nationwide shortages in Venezuela impact education

books 01Venezuela’s students are experiencing huge disruption to their education in the face of nationwide food shortages.

The country is undergoing acute shortages of food and medical supplies, with citizens being forced to turn to the black market just to feed their families. Read more ›

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Italy considers reversing ban on using mobile devices in class

webStudents in Italy could soon be learning with smartphones and tablets – if a nine year ban on the devices in classrooms is overturned.

Italy’s Under-secretary for Education, Davide Faraone, has vowed to reverse the decision made by the Ministry of Education in 2007, reports La Stampa. Read more ›

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Vietnamese students not applying for university despite good marks

graduate 20There is a growing trend for academically able students in VietNam not to apply to university.

This is due to the parallel trend of students graduating from higher education who are then unable to find employment.

Students are now leaving secondary school and going into work or undertaking vocational studies that will give them a trade and employment opportunities. Read more ›

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Concern over proposed changes to Scotland’s education system

schoolScotland has been working on plans to improve its education system, but critics feel that the proposed reforms are too much, too fast.

Councils and local government bodies have said in comments to the Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney, that if changes are rushed through then they Read more ›

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Maths teachers in Nigeria are in short supply

calculator 2

Nigerian students are struggling with maths due to a shortage of specialist teachers.

Speaking at a press briefing to announce the international symposium on “Current trends in mathematical science and application”, Director-General and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria’s National Mathematical Centre in Abuja, Professor Adewale Solarin, said that the situation could be Read more ›

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