Latest News: Philippines' schools not all ready for compulsory education change

The Philippines' school system is in the process of moving from 10 years of compulsory education to 12.

However, many schools are simply not ready for the change.

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Latest News: Latino students make education gains, says new report

Latino students in the USA have made gains in their educational achievements, says a new report.

The report, by Excelencia in Education, looked at educational data from K-12 through to university study and beyond.

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Education for Syria’s young people is being increasingly threatened by the ongoing conflict.

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Microsoft has announced a new version of its Windows operating system after a two year gap.

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A new initiative to support computer skills in primary schools is to be announced at the BETT show.

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A start-up technology company has made a prototype small computer that is housed in a mouse.

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Google has announced that sales of its Google Glass device are to be discontinued.

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Frustrations with Vietnam’s outdated education system mean more students are studying abroad.

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Too many education improvement initiatives go unevaluated, says the OECD.

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A Scottish MSP (and former teacher) is cautioning against a “looming crisis” in science teaching.

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Welsh Baccalaureate students are less likely to gain top degree marks, says a new report.

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Five arrests have been made following the massacre of 150 people at a Pakistani school in December.

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