New ranking system in the pipeline for England’s universities

cambridge-university-2Universities in England are set to be graded as gold, silver and bronze under new teaching excellence standards.

However, the bronze grade will indicate that institutions are “significantly below” the required standards, reported The Guardian. Read more ›

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Secondary education in VietNam to receive funding for improvements

money3VietNam’s prime minister has given the go-ahead for the second phase of improvements to secondary education to take place.

Around 60 schools have been selected to receive the upgrades. These include schools for gifted students, schools in deprived areas and specialist vocational schools. Read more ›

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Education reforms announced for Brazilian high schools

books5Brazil’s new President, Michel Temer, has endorsed a reform of the country’s high school education system.

In a sweeping revision to the former programme of 13 compulsory subjects, there will now be only two that students must study: Portuguese and maths.
Read more ›

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New update for NetSupport School’s Windows 10 Teacher app

win10-updateProvided in addition to the desktop Teacher application for Windows, the popular Teacher app is designed for installation on Windows tablets and touch-enabled devices, allowing teachers to teach and interact with their students in a Windows 10 environment.

Read more ›

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Rate of non-attendance at school in Armenia not known

chalkThe exact number of children not attending school in Armenia is not known, as the country has no process in place to count or monitor them.

Many children in the country are out of school for different reasons – including disabilities, non-enrolment, parental cultural beliefs or having to work to support their families – Read more ›

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Significant revamp of UAE’s education system launched

classroom20The UAE has announced significant changes to its education system in order to ensure students are prepared for the future.

A new training centre for teachers will be set up in order to ensure that the new curriculum will be delivered properly.

A revised curriculum will include, “technology, innovative design, health sciences, career guidance, general skills and business management” – Read more ›

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Zambian secondary schools still not really ready for ICT

keyboard 9Schools in Zambia are struggling to get on board with ICT as a compulsory subject in secondary schools.

Despite its introduction in 2015, there are neither enough computers nor enough staff to teach the subject. Pupils have had to study the subject over the last year, Read more ›

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Joint education policy advice for Thailand from OECD and UNESCO

rubber stamp 6 Thailand is the first country to benefit from education policy advice from a partnership between the OECD and UNESCO.

The two organisations spent a significant amount of time researching and analysing Thailand’s current education system – and then took time to review it and make recommendations for future improvements, reports The Nation. Read more ›

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Zimbabwe will get maths and science teachers despite job freeze

chalkZimbabwe currently has an ongoing government employment freeze – but its education department is set to employ more maths and science teachers to try to alleviate almost 1,000 vacancies across the country.

The appointments will be made over the next two years. The Higher Education Minster, Professor Jonathan Moyo, said Read more ›

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Paraguay receives funding from the EU to improve education

money1Paraguay is set to receive another slice of EU funding to improve the quality of its education system.

In 2009, the EU pledged ongoing support to Paraguay’s education system and wider policies through to 2020. The most recent funding of 46 million Euros will go towards improving the quality of education, developing elementary Read more ›

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