Latest News: Borrowing by Scottish students reaches highest level ever

The rate of borrowing by Scottish students has risen over the last academic year by 69 per cent.

The Scottish government is a proponent of free tuition, but, at the same time, it has cut grants.

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Latest News: Secondary school enrolment rate remains low in African countries - report

Only 11 out of 26 African countries have more than a 50 per cent enrolment rate in secondary schools.

Figures for 2012 reveal that primary school enrolment figures are much higher.

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Poor families across the UK are struggling to meet the costs associated with state schools.

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Across the world, 781 million adults are illiterate and 121 million children are not in school, says UNESCO.

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Higher education institutions in Europe are too traditional to adopt new technologies, says a new report.

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Students from universities in Spain have taken part in a protest against education spending cuts.

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Provision of free nursery places in England has not resulted in lasting benefits, say two new studies.

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Microsoft is signing an agreement to provide software solutions for the Azerbaijani education sector.

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New guidance for head teachers in England about allowing pupils time off has been produced.

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The rising number of students admitted to universities in England is lowering standards, says a survey.

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The number of applicants for medical, veterinary or dentistry degrees in Scotland has fallen.

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A project to teach German to pupils in 1,000 Indian schools has come to an end.

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