President calls for students to get back to class

loudspeaker3For some time now, university students in South Africa have been demanding free education.

Demonstrations and violence have been carried out in the name of the protest, with the most recent disorder being students from Wits University being involved in looting shops and setting fire to a bus in Johannesburg, reported News24. Read more ›

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School restructuring programme under discussion in Northern Ireland

money1Northern Ireland’s Education Authority is set to discuss a programme of school mergers and closures up to the year 2020.

A number of schools are not performing as they should and many are experiencing budget deficits, with 40 per cent of primary schools – and almost half of other schools being in the red.
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Graduate unemployment in Vietnam shows increase

graduate-3Statistics on education and employment released in Vietnam show an alarming increase in the unemployment status of graduates.

In fact, the proportion of young people who have studied at university or at another higher education institution is actually higher than those who are untrained. Moreover, young people aged 15-24 currently make up almost 50 per cent of the total unemployment figure. Read more ›

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Funding partnership delivers a lifeline for girls’ education in Malawi

chalkWith UNESCO reporting that only 57 per cent of girls in Malawi complete primary school, change is needed to encourage more pupils to stay and continue their education.

Many girls drop out of school early to get married, but it is hoped that a partnership between Dubai Cares and the locally-based Read more ›

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Greece implements project to educate migrant children

books 400Greece has launched a nationwide programme to educate the refugee children who have arrived in the country.

So far this year, an estimated 160,000 people have arrived in Greece, from countries like Libya, Syria and Somalia – and over a quarter of these are school-age children.
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More pupils mean more schools must be built in England – report

school-building-6Many more schools need to be built in England to accommodate rising pupil numbers, reveals a survey.

The research carried out by Scape found that 2,122 new schools need to be constructed by 2020 to cater for the projected additional 729,000 primary and secondary school students in the school system by the end of the decade. Read more ›

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Parents in Spain call “homework strikes” for November

schoolParents in Spain are taking action to protest at not only the amount of homework being given to their children – but also the increasing amount of time they are expected to help them.

The so-called “homework strikes” will take place on weekends during November. Read more ›

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Lack of electricity in India’s schools is a barrier to learning with technology

keyboard-close-upEducation policy makers in India have a vision for schools: to be using as much technology as possible to prepare students for the future.

However, around 35 per cent of state secondary schools are not even connected to an electricity supply, which will make the implication of any IT plans as part of an overall edtech strategy so much more difficult. Read more ›

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USA teachers using tech more, but many remain unconfident in their skills

keyboard 9Out of a thousand K-12 teachers surveyed in the USA, just 15 per cent were confident enough to award themselves an A grade when asked to rate their edtech skills, reports Meritalk.

The figure is surprising, as nine out of ten teachers said that they used edtech in the classroom weekly. Seventy-eight per cent of Read more ›

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New ranking system in the pipeline for England’s universities

cambridge-university-2Universities in England are set to be graded as gold, silver and bronze under new teaching excellence standards.

However, the bronze grade will indicate that institutions are “significantly below” the required standards, reported The Guardian. Read more ›

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