Zimbabwe will get maths and science teachers despite job freeze

chalkZimbabwe currently has an ongoing government employment freeze – but its education department is set to employ more maths and science teachers to try to alleviate almost 1,000 vacancies across the country.

The appointments will be made over the next two years. The Higher Education Minster, Professor Jonathan Moyo, said Read more ›

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Paraguay receives funding from the EU to improve education

money1Paraguay is set to receive another slice of EU funding to improve the quality of its education system.

In 2009, the EU pledged ongoing support to Paraguay’s education system and wider policies through to 2020. The most recent funding of 46 million Euros will go towards improving the quality of education, developing elementary Read more ›

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Tanzania investigates siphoning off of free education funds

magnifying glassTanzania’s Prime Minster, Kassim Majaliwa, has announced that a special inspection will take place in schools across the country in order to stamp out the siphoning off of funds intended to provide free education for children.

“Each month, the government has been dishing out funds to facilitate free education for all; but now we have started to realise that there are phantom pupils and students,” he explained. Read more ›

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Georgia takes action to reduce the weight of students’ heavy school bags

books 400The Georgian Education Minister has pledged to introduce new legislation to improve the health and wellbeing of the country’s school pupils.

Concerned over the weight of school bags that students have to carry – in some cases, up to nine kilograms – Minister Alexander Jejelava said that from the beginning of the 2017 school year, a weight limit will be introduced. Read more ›

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Lack of free education in Zimbabwe affects the state of the country

chalkUp to 15 per cent of rural pupils in Zimbabwe are out of school as their families cannot afford the tuition fees, reported the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Committee in July 2016.

So in August month, and after a series of small-scale protests concerning various types of legislation, Read more ›

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Repairing the damage done by Canada’s residential schools’ history

books 01Forced attendance at residential schools in Canada has left some indigenous people suspicious of the education they deliver.

These government-run schools were operational from the 19th century until the last one closed in 1996. Indigenous children were taken from their families and forced to attend such schools as it was felt this was the best way to prepare them for “modern” life. Read more ›

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Free higher education in South Africa won’t work, expert argues

graduate 3A higher education expert in South Africa has said that the country should not currently be looking at providing free higher education for everyone.

Dr Nico Cloete of the Centre for Higher Education and Training (CHET) said that it would not benefit poor students in that it is not that they cannot afford to attend university but it is often the case that Read more ›

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The Bahamas considers regulations around home schooling

pencils5Parents in The Bahamas have increasingly been choosing to educate their children at home.

The country’s Ministry of Education wants to ensure that these children are receiving a quality education in line with their peers who attend school.

The term “home schooling” in The Bahamas encompasses Read more ›

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Chinese students get a second chance to go to university in Japan

exam result pass 5Chinese students are turning to Japan to give them a second chance in the face of poor exam results.

A lot of pressure is heaped upon Chinese students to do well in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the Gaokao, as their futures are determined by their scores. Read more ›

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Cuts to Israeli higher education put academic institutions’ futures at risk

money40Academic leaders in Israel have warned about the impact on higher education of continued budget cuts to the sector.

The latest round of cuts will see NIS 100 million being lost for the coming year – and then NIS 500 million over the course of the next five years.

The Israeli government has previously lamented the fact that Read more ›

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