Latest News: England’s teachers suffering with heavy workloads

Teachers in England have threatened further strike action over their heavy workloads.

Ninety per cent have considered leaving the profession due to the amount of work.

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Latest News: Parents in England unaware of new school leaving age

Many parents in England are still not aware that the raising of the school leaving age to 18 is now in force.

The survey also found significant gaps in parental knowledge about apprenticeship funding.

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A recent survey of teachers has revealed that cyberbullying in classrooms is a widespread problem.

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The South African Education Ministry is to provide more ICT for schools to improve education.

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Three quarters of primary school pupils in VietNam are studying in after-hours classes, says a survey.

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Guyana is switching its emphasis from education provision to education improvement.

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Pension reforms in Armenia are further threatening the country’s education system.

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Some parents and students in Turkey are becoming concerned by the rise of Islamic education.

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Pupils in Colombia are missing out on valuable teaching time, says a new report.

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Thousands of university students in Hong Kong have started a seven-day boycott of their classes.

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A three-year study into smartphone use and attention spans is being launched.

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New graduates in Spain have very poor reading proficiency, says the Spanish Ministry of Education.

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