Latest News: Fines for Taiwanese parents if children become ill through gadget use

Taiwan’s government is set to fine parents who allow their children to use gadgets excessively.

The legislation is part of the existing Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act.

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Latest News: New school league tables for England cause rankings upheaval

New English school league tables show that the number of underperforming schools has doubled.

The Department for Education changed the criteria for the current year.

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Migrant parents in Austria need to do more to support their children’s integration, says a minister.

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Forty-three college students missing in Mexico for four months have been officially declared dead.

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Latino students in the USA have made gains in their educational achievements, says a new report.

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Education for Syria’s young people is being increasingly threatened by the ongoing conflict.

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Microsoft has announced a new version of its Windows operating system after a two year gap.

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South Korea’s Technology ministry has said that it will strengthen technology-based education.

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A third of IT students on degree courses in Estonia drop out in their first year, a new study reveals.

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The Philippines' school system is in the process of moving from 10 years of compulsory education to 12.

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Frustrations with Vietnam’s outdated education system mean more students are studying abroad.

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Too many education improvement initiatives go unevaluated, says the OECD.

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